My Untranslatable Feed (day 2) with Shmulik Twig

Day 2:  Us, Tel-Avivians, finally got a missile (and even a bigger one). We are part of the tribe of Israel again. What a relief!

סוף סוף נפל טיל ( ואפילו גדול יותר ) גם אצלינו בתל אביב ואנחנו שוב חלק מעם ישראל. הקלה

(Itamar Rose, Thursday, nov 15th)

Text to image translator / typewriter to image sequence

* all images are taken from fb feed

On the night the first missile hit Tel Aviv my almost-too-dry-to-read FB feed became a hysteric space. Active, political, blunt, cynical, and sometimes badly funny. But impossible to translate.

Here is the second failure attempt.

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