#4 – Dance of the Sun and Moon

Day 4

Over the course of the afternoon people gorged every nook and cranny of their stomachs with the finest Central Texas cuisine and were treated with the sweetest southern hospitality. Misting hoses were hung overhead to cool those unaccustomed to the warm August days in Texas. Everything from Merle Haggard to the Grateful Dead floated softly on the warm breezes thanks to Wes’s ability to create that perfect musical flow. In the late afternoon Rick and Meredith opened their gifts including lots of things I didn’t see and also the passing of the Postmaster Commandant of Mars (a painting) to the newly weds. Earlier, circa 1999, the painting found its way to the house that Rick, Wes, and I inhabited – mentioned previously. The piece depicts a blond feathered hair woman in a blue uniform shirt with a background of black and her arm resting on what appears to be a small facsimile of the red planet Mars. As a whole it resembles terrible attempt to paint a Glamour Shot Photo at the same time resembling an astronaut press photo embodied with an aura of truth and wisdom. Wes also gave them a pretty amazing bison skull. Rick’s great aunt Pat gave her truly thoughtful blessings and gifts while James delivered a hilarious speech leaving some to hope he pursues comedy writing as a hobby. Unfortunately, unless you had the ability to find room in your stomach, most missed the cutting of the cake inside the house but those who did were treated to Meredith’s sweet and inspiring wedding song to Rick sung a capella. Swimming trunks as well as boxers and cutoffs were donned as the above ground pool was assailed and turned into a churning whirlpool as five adults ran the perimeter wall. Surprisingly it failed to collapse but we tried our hardest. As the afternoon gave way to the evening friends, family, and neighbors could be seen bidding their farewells and rolling themselves to their vehicles while the hardiest of souls and livers remained. Enter bravely a 1.75 liter bottle of Cazadores! A fast beat techno style song emerged on the sound system. As a present, Rick and Meredith received a large bronze colored hanging sun face which Wes grabbed and held to his face followed by Rick with an iPhone light behind a small plastic moon face. The midnight dance of the sun and moon had begun. Wes is central in the above photo with Rick to the right and Robin and Big Rick’s feet to the left.

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