Introducing: John Bjerklie

Residency Dates: Oct 28- Nov 3, 2013

BigHat went to work for me in 2004. When he is not on the road he works in my studio in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy where I installed a surveillance camera in the studio so an eye can be kept on him. The camera is linked to a single monitor placed in the wall of the studio facing outward to the adjacent parking lot so viewers can see the studio activities via a live broadcast. From noon until 6pm each day he works on paintings, takes naps, recites BigHat poetry and generally muses on the dilemma of being an artist. He remains isolated in the studio with no visitors, but occasionally communicates outward using a megaphone. The day always concludes with an inventory of the days work and dancing. He always acknowledges that he works for me, John Bjerklie, and all rights to and profits from the work are strictly mine.

(More about John at:

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