Introducing: Sara Griffin

Residency Dates: September 2- 8, 2013

Sara Griffin ( was born and raised in New York City.  She graduated with a degree in Studio Art and Art History from Bowdoin College in Maine.  She is a proud member of bad cop, bad cop: an art collective. As a studio artist, Sara’s work, which ranges from small drawings to large scale installations, focuses on the relationship between individuals and their external environment.  Her practice centers on exploring small, seemingly inconsequential observations for the larger truths they reveal, generally with a sense of humor and awe.  Her work has been shown in Maine, Tennessee and New York City. As an art historian, Sara is particularly interested in how visual artists express personal and civic identity.  Her most significant body of research has centered on contemporary art from Tijuana.  She received a departmental prize for her undergraduate thesis on the subject and, in February 2010, presented her ideas in a lecture at the University of Baja California at Tijuana.

Sara lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and aligns herself with the Mexican community there, though she does not belong to it.

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