Then a Black Cloud Forms From Our Mind Disease




As the week went on, I started to see the drawings fitting together, and the writing starting to rhyme. So I think I like them in the order monday, tuesday, saturday, sunday, friday, wednesday, thursday; or:


How We Tried to Live Like the Animals

Together our bodies conjugate sacred mysteries

And we end up carrying someone else’s heart home

Then a black cloud forms from our mind disease…

And  a lonely tree listens to the wind’s poem

But we were all born good…

So we squeezed out the last sweet drops while we could


Maybe I will make them into a little book some day.

How We Tried to Live Like the Animals (and Killed the Sun)


I haven’t been drawing pictures too much these days, or writing, or making videos, or sculptures, or any of that sort of thing. I’m preoccupied with my plans for starting a little farm. So this drawing is me making myself draw while thinking about working with my hands and back in the sun with all the animals and plants and humans around working and growing and eating and shitting and living and dieing together.