Joseph G. Cruz-Sound map of the Farside of the Moon (∆ 89.9°S, 0.0°E, 75.0°S, 132.4°E, 57.9°S, 136.8°E)

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The topography of a triangulated area-between Shackleton crater, Schrodinger crater, and Planck Crater- was mathematically translated into frequencies and filtered into three channels; detailed altitude shifts, larger surrounding altitude and averagealtitude.  Data collected from the satellite Kaguya and processed by the National Astronomic Observatory of Japan..Josephcruzalbumcover

Joseph G. Cruz – Ponting’s Horizon line today #1


Herbert Ponting’s film, “The Great White Silence” (the first moving image documenting Antarctica), had drastically changed into vibrant psychedelic colors, due to Antarctica’s formidable weather.  This horizon line collage was created, using screenshots of the film, via a non-calibrated computer screen.