#6 – Fuck Walking

Day 6

As the night rambled on things became more absurd and to set up the next sequence a little back ground is required. Imagine three separate households of young men and women all college age and who most had “challenger” type personalities. The general public and in particular the local bar patrons were great captive audiences. The Porno Helmet was a classic example. I wasn’t involved in it’s conception but was present for it’s unveiling, I think. It was simply a helmet used in a previous operation: a member of the Fast House, Bret, had left the state to visit his parents and when he returned his older volvo had been given flames that began at the front bumper and trailed back over the hood. The painters gave him a helmet with similar flames as as he walked off the airplane. He was less than thrilled with what he found in the parking lot. The helmet was repurposed and mounted with a 16mm projector and then worn to a local bar and after beers were received and a suitable wall was found 1970’s porn was projected. The bartenders were also less than thrilled. Other infamous projects and regular occurrences, some now found online others not, include The Price Master, Fried Salt, Space Boot meets Buzz Aldrin, The Ricky Schroder Tapes, 6 foot penises made from cotton candy, stairway sleeping quarters, human sized chicken coops, and unabashed nudity. These and many more interventions were created by a mixture of behavior analysts, politic scientists, painters, performance artists, sculptures, video artists, anthropologists, and polyglots all in one central triangle of living spaces. One particular creative intervention made an appearance this late wedding party night of Rick and Meredith. Referred to as the The Fuck Walk, it was invented and perfected by Rick in the many college town watering holes members of the House of Prin frequented. This night, James did such a perfect example of Fuck Walking, Robin nearly fell out of her chair howling with laughter at the site of her second born impersonating her first. Have you have ever seen a rooster strutting around a brood of chickens? Well, if you have take that head movement and place in directly centered in the hips. Better yet, try walking using your hips to throw out your legs and feet in front of you with your arms set behind you with your hands dangling loose about a foot from your butt. Like you are fucking the air in front of you. Rick was known to do this for hours on end.

Oh yea, we did finally play ZZ Top for Big Rick and catcalls went up as Big Rick and Robin dirty danced with one another well after midnight.

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