Warehouse Sculptures: Texts and Statements

Collaboration #7

Damon Smith and Ronnie Yates

Text #1

White tubular steel
On yellow on
Wooden slats three
Cans of paint two
Stacked upended sink distressed
Highly compressed
Fiberglass reinforced
Polyester resin

Text #2

Empty reclining crumpled plastic
Bag on crisp white hard plastic sleeve
Atop a sealed light
Metallic gold
Package on thin pink felt cloth
Curving over

Statement #1

One spade with a wooden handle painted red, one caster and one glass vase placed under a tree

Statement #2

One broom, one empty glass jar of juice with the label removed and a small pile of rubber bands all arranged on a desk not located inside a warehouse

Statement #3

One toothpick and one nail (fastener) placed on a 1’x 1’ square of insulation

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