Fabian G. Tabibian, Scheming on a Thing 2013

Fabian G Tabibian

Two years ago I found myself out of the bubble of grad school — suddenly studio space and studio time became much more precious. Drawing became an immediate way to fulfill the need to continue my practice on a daily basis. But, as I predominantly work with digital media, the smartphone became a much more natural medium to work with, rather than something analog. And, it was a medium that I had on me at all times. I could draw on the subway, in the elevator, while walking, and pretty much everywhere in-between. For a previous body of work (The Mosaic Series), I worked with several shareware and freeware software to create collages  — using apps on the phone became a logical progression. I scour the internet for apps of all kinds that can be used to produce a digital image. For this series I use multiple apps in conjunction with each other — each a different tool used toward a specific mark. The final picture is realized as an edition of prints that reflect the scale of the medium used.

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