Remembering the old apartment: Sister

First when you walk in, there was a closet on the right side and a bathroom on the left. And this here was a large hallway.

Here, I think, or maybe on the right, was a small cabinet or something similar to a coat rack where you could hang up your coat.

And then from that hallway you could go into two different rooms.

A bedroom in which the closet was on this side. There were large windows towards the end of the room. Mom and dad’s bed was right next to the windows. And here next to it was the closet. Closet with a bookcase. It was all attached together.

And then here on this side, right next to mom and dad’s bed, were our beds.

That was that.

I think the closet or the bookcase was white. Or beige. With brown knobs. It was large. I think it went all the way from floor to ceiling. It was covering that whole wall.

I think it was about half a meter wide.

Our beds were almost touching. Actually, I can’t remember how much space there was in between.

The kitchen. That other room had a bookcase on this side that ended up being part of our room in the new apartment. There was also a TV.

And right here in the corner, I remember, was my small table with a chair where I was always drawing. And right next to it was the door to the balcony. Next to that small table. Right here was the L-shaped corner sofa. And a round table with chairs.

Four chairs.

The sofa had three, four, five pillows I think. Yes, one in the middle.

And on this side was the kitchen. I know that the fridge was right here.

This is where the sink was.

And this here was the kitchen.

All of that was quite small.

Right here was the bathroom. I know that when you entered it this way, the bathtub was on this side.

On the left side.

Right here was the washing machine. Across from the bathtub.

Actually, all of this was not that big. It was smaller.

This is where the toilet bowl was. And right here was the sink.

In the kitchen, the sofa was the same one that we had in our room later on. Wood on the bottom and those pillows with small flowers.

Square pillows that you could pull out. I know we played with them a lot.

The table was square. I mean round. The table was standing on four legs.

The table was white. And the chairs were also white with pillows that had the same flower design as the sofa. Each chair had four legs.

I think they looked like this.

This here was white. And this the flower design that was on the sofa.

This here on the bottom was like a white square. And on the top was this seating pillow. It also had these small knobs. This was the flower design. Grey, I think.

I don’t remember that area quite well.

This here was the stove.

I know because we burnt the milk on once. And then there was a fire. Right here was the kitchen counter I think. This here was the sink. And the fridge was here.

Mom was standing here when she was doing the dishes. And here when she was cooking.

I don’t remember. Yes, I do remember that there were cabinets above. White I think.

This bookcase here was white with metal brackets.

This is where the books were. This was a white shelf. And these were the dark brackets.

(Interview with Sister – 20 years later)

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