Remembering the old apartment: Dad

This is the entrance door to the apartment.

It opened like this. Right here was a built-in closet.

And this is where the table was. It was a square table, but when it was folded, it would fold like this in the middle. It was white and later on, we had it on the balcony of the new apartment. White table and chairs. The table was here and the two wooden chairs here.

On the wall was a big circle. A circle made out of a carpet with a coat rack in the middle. And the closet door was also covered with the same carpet. Maroon. The door trim was also maroon.

Here is the entrance to the bathroom. This is where the tub was, not all the way to the end. I think they put a radiator in here later on. Like this. This here was the tub.

Next to the tub was the sink. This here was the toilet bowl. And right here was the washing machine.

This was the kitchen.

The bathroom sink was just attached to the wall. Underneath was an empty space. I built the frame for the bathtub, it didn’t come with it. The floor was covered with these colorful stone tiles that I painted maroon.

Here in the corner of the kitchen was the sink. Right next to it was the fridge. This was the sink, and this here, a small counter. And right here the stove.

This here was a round table with chairs. Four chairs around it like this. No. Yes. That chair would always be there and we would move it when it was needed.

Here. This fridge was a bit bigger. And this here was maybe longer.

This was the corner sofa with pillows. And this is where the radiator was. First, it was an oil furnace, but then it exploded. And then, after we renovated, we had this electric heater. Later on, they put in the radiators.

And here, along this wall, was the bookcase with the shelves. Dark, metal brackets with white shelves and cabinets. And this is where the TV was. Yes, the TV was here.

And right here was your small, red table with a chair. One small chair.

None of this here was ever changed.

Right on this wall was a mirror. And the phone. The phone on the shelf for the phone.

In the beginning, your bed was here. A kid’s bed. And this was the chimney. This is where the electric heater was. And along this wall, a cabinet. A chimney that was used for heating in the past. But we never used it for that. We had the electric heater.

This is where it was. The corner sofa. This was a sofa that you could convert into a bed. When it wasn’t converted into a bed, this here was a table. And in front of the table was a footstool. Just like this.

This was a three-seater sofa, and this here, a two-seater.

That was when we just had you.

And then in that same room… This was the bunk bed, but this lower bed was going into this other one. Here on this wall was your wardrobe. And the cabinet stayed here. Actually, when we bought your beds, we still had our sofa bed. And then I moved the sofa bed here, and the bookcase there. But then we bought a queen-size bed and I sold those sofas, the three- and two-seater sofas. The wardrobe must have been here, next to your beds.

I don’t think that anything else could fit in here. It was a pretty tight space. Or maybe this wardrobe was here. No. This wardrobe. This wardrobe was along this wall.

Or maybe here. I don’t know if it could have fit there. And the bookcase stayed here.

Actually. One portion of it was next to your bed, and the other part of the bookcase was here.

And this bed was next to this bed. And here, the other part of the bookcase, along this wall. Yes, the bookcase was made out of four parts.

No. It was beige. You could lift one side and we were storing the bed linens underneath. You could only lift one side of it.

The windows were here. And the radiators were right underneath.

(Interview with Dad – 20 years later)


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