Introducing: Aida Šehović

Residency dates: April 8-14, 2013

Aida Šehović (, born in 1977 and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, lived in Turkey and Germany before immigrating to the United States in 1997. Šehović received her M.F.A. from Hunter College in 2010, and is currently based in New York.

Initiated in 2004, her “Što Te Nema?” project is an annual, nomadic public monument that has come to life in city plazas and squares all over the world, including Sarajevo, Stockholm, New York and Istanbul among others.

Šehović frequently collaborates with the public, allowing for the personal to intertwine with the public rereading and reconstruction of memory. Her work relies on a process of continuous, repetitive and shared acts of remembrance. These acts attempt to reconcile the histories of violence, trauma, and loss that peoples and nations have suffered and perpetrated on each other.

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