Introducing: Cynthia Roberts

Residency dates: June 3-9, 2013

Cynthia Roberts [] is a visual artist based in New York and Boston. Her practice is rooted in painting and drawing; in recent years it has included Live Paint performances and collaborations with musicians and choreographers. Roberts was awarded the Le Havre/New York: Regards//Croisés residency and grant by the French Institute, and is currently an artist in residence in the city of Le Havre, France from October – December 2012. Roberts will perform “Le Plongeur” and exhibit paintings at an evening event at the Museé André Malraux in December 2012. A two-person exhibition at Triangle Arts in New York is scheduled for Spring 2013. Roberts is currently an associate professor of studio art at Endicott College. Of note, she is often surrounded by approximately 147 pounds of canine and 41 pounds of feline, has run one marathon, and holds the most dangerous belt on deck in karate: the white belt.
Current choreographic collaborations include a work entitled “Back Going/No Going Back” based on palindromic concepts by Barry Duncan, created and choreographed by Karen Krolak. This piece will include text projections and animations, and will premiere in the spring of 2013.

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